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The goal of this site is to provide an interactive online learning experience for members of the driving community - competitors, officials, organizers, administrators and something for everyone with an interest in the sport. Information on a wide variety of topics, user forums, ability to chat with others logged in at the same time are included. There are relevant discussion topics to share your experience and quizzes to confirm you understanding of current competition rules. Upon completion of each quiz your results are recorded and become immediately available with an opportunity to review the scoring. References are provided for incorrectly answered questions. You may attempt the quiz again to improve your mark as your understanding grows. The highest mark achieved will be your recorded score.

The number (in parenthesis) following each Course Category indicates the number of courses currently available. Once you have logged in, all the courses will become visible on your home page. A simple one-time, free enrollment is all that is required to enter courses of your choosing. The Licensed Officials Category will lead to information and quizzes meeting initial licensing and ongoing maintenance requirements where approved by the licensing organization.

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    Password Policy
    by Site Admin - Sunday, 8 June 2014, 8:59 PM

    CDEC has incorporated a password policy which currently requires the following :

    1) must be 8 or more characters in length.
    2) must contain at least one each of upper case, lower case, numeric and non-alphanumeric characters in any order.
    3) must not have two or more consecutive identical characters...

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    Available courses

    An overview and tutorial for an arena driving event - three competitions: Driven Dressage, Marathon and Cones driven in indoor or outdoor arena(s) in one day.

    Information and networking forum for competition organizers.


    Links to Driven Dressage Tests from American Driving Society, Equestrian Canada, FEI


    Combined Driving - forms for pre-competition, recording, scoring and reporting.


    Pleasure Driving - forms for pre-competition, recording, scoring and reporting.


    A link to Equine Guelph video library "Help for Horse Owners".


    Licensed officials forums, online chat and quizzes and status maintenance requirements.

    Created for Training, Recreation, & Therapeutic Driving

    The Continuous Driving Event  (CD) consists of at least three driving competitions driven consecutively and separated by brief rest periods. Competitors may be divided in divisions by experience, age, gender, horse size, etc. Continuous Driving may be conducted in conjunction with other EC-sanctioned events unless specifically restricted by individual event rules.

    A Country Heritage event may be any organized driving activity containing a group of challenges for recreational drivers. These guidelines can be used to score the overall activities, develop placings, and provide ribbons or prizes if desired.

    Technique de Randonnée Equestre de Compétition (TREC) originated for riders in France in the 1970s and was developed for driving by the British Driving Society a few years ago. TREC driving is a very informal group of challenges, ideal for the recreational driver offering a few similarities to Pleasure Driving obstacle-games and Combined Diving marathon and obstacle-cones competitions, but the formality, dress codes, volumes of pre-event information, regulation and volunteer requirements are greatly reduced.